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Holistic PR - Holistic Marketing, Spiritual Marketing, Business Marketing, Branding your business, Marketing Services, HolisticPR, Andrea Adler, The Tao of Marketing

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Holistic PR

What 'marketing from spirit' means to us

It is the framework from which I begin and end all my work: my books, my workshops, my consultations and presentations. Without connecting with the spirit
first, there can be no authentic approach to marketing.

How that is reflected in the way we run our business

It gets reflected in every word and every action.

The 3 values that are most important to our business

  1. Truthfulness
  2. Integrity
  3. Clarity
Holistic PR

Who we are and what we do

Andrea Adler is the founder of, an international speaker, author, and consultant. 

Andrea pioneered Holistic Marketing in the early 80s, and has written three books on this topic: 
PR for The Holistic Healer, 
Creating an Abundant Practice, 
and The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetism. 

She has written over 50 articles on Spiritual Marketing, translated in five languages, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows in several countries. 

For over 30 years, Andrea has supported small and large businesses, entrepreneurs and cultural creatives throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. 

A recipient of the Axiom Business Book Award in 2008, Andrea was a speaker at Expo Ser in Mexico City with Deepak Chopra, INATS, The International New age Trade Show, The Holistic Medical Association and Natural Awakenings Annual Conference, to name a few.

Specializing in educating entrepreneurs, small and large business owners on the relevance of spirituality in business. Andrea teaches a practical philosophy of consciousness that demonstrates how to integrate spiritual practice and psychological self-inquiry into a concrete and fundamental transformation of peoples lives and their marketing approaches. 

Andrea has studied meditation for 30 years, living in ashrams and meditation centers in India, Paris, New York, and California. A Broadway actress, an author, and an ardent practitioner of meditation, Andrea integrates her writing, her theatrical background and her meditation discipline with her evolving expertise in PR and marketing.

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Andrea consults, and travels internationally, lecturing and presenting her workshop: The Tao of Marketing
Telephone: (505) 983-7777
PO Box 31637, 
Santa Fe 
New Mexico 

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