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Create-a-Life Transformation Coaching - Personal Transformation Coaching, personal development

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Create-a-Life Transformation Coaching

What 'marketing from spirit' means to us

It means 1) being fully connected to my innermost values, passions and life purpose and expressing them transparently through all aspects of my work; 2) being conscious of what drives my personal spirituality and "walking my talk"; 3) fully trusting that the Universe is continually orchestrating opportunities that bring me closer to fulfilling my purpose, and all I need do is allow it to unfold.

How that is reflected in the way we run our business

My life purpose is to "turn up the volume of the music of your heart" and to "be the voice that frees the hearts of millions to sing their own true song." Holding this, and this alone, as my driving force, every aspect of my business -- my coaching, my teaching, my writing, my holistic community project, my radio show, my public speaking -- are all designed with this intention. 


Create-a-Life Transformation Coaching

To request a free 30-minute consultation,

I offer coaching, mentoring and training for mind-body-spirit authors, as well as offer project management for your Amazon book launch. Visit Spirit Authors and take one of our training modules for a 14-day Test Drive for only $1.

Main site:



The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self

Kindly view my video entry for the Next Top Spirit Author Contest at


Weekly radio show with a range of dynamic and inspiring guests, exploring life purpose, personal empowerment, balance of mind, body and spirit, and how to tap into the inner hero that lies within every human being.

The 3 values that are most important to our business

  1. The right for all living beings to express their authentic voice fully, clearly and openly.
  2. Viewing every human being as a hero, who has a unique life purpose that only he/she can fulfil.
  3. That there is an unlimited amount of treasure in the Universe, which we only have to open our minds, hearts and senses to receive.
Create-a-Life Transformation Coaching

Who we are and what we do

Create-a-Life Transformation Coaching
Lynn Serafinn, MAED, CPCC
Transformation Coach, book promotion coach, teacher, author, radio host

** Voted Top 10 Most Loved Businesses in Bedford 2010
** Winner Bedfordshire Businesswomen Award for Work in Community 2009
** Winner of The Best of Bedford Business Awards 2007
** Winner of the Microsoft UK Innovative Teacher of the Year Award 2005
** Amazon bestselling author in spirituality, mind-body-spirit, self-help
** Host of weekly inspirational talk radio show and frequent international media guest
** Chair/member Transition Bedford for a sustainable future.

My name is Lynn Serafinn, and I help people overcome their limiting beliefs, establish connection to their Higher Self, discover their life purpose, and become the heroes of their own lives. 

I am an award-winning certified coach, teacher, Co-active Leader, as well as an Amazon bestelling author in self-help, mind-body-spirit and spirituality. My passion is to help people find and express their authentic voice and find deep fulfilment in their work, life and relationships. I do this through my coaching, my courses and workshops, my public speaking and broadcasting, and my writing. I like to refer to myself as a "Cosmic Alchemist", as I believe the universe is continually providing us with everything we need to pro-actively create fantastically rewarding lives, if we only learn some basic skills to recognise, receive and utilise what is around us. I also believe that all people are the heroes of their own lives, and that Personal Transformation is one way to unlock that inner hero, not only for your own personal fulfilment, but also to enable you to create a powerful and positive impact in the world. What makes me unique is my "Create-a-Life System" for personal growth that can help you tap into your "Whole Self", offering you a practical system for specific needs, depending upon where YOU are on your hero's journey in life.

Who do I help and how do I help them? 
I specialise in working with people who are ready break out of the unfulfilling grind of the status quo, and DARE to express their life's calling by finding their inner entrepreneur, especially in holistic (mind-body-spirit) or creative enterprises. But although that is my specialty, I am happy to work with ANYONE who is genuinely seeking to find, and actively CREATE, meaning and purpose in life, and to establish a deeper connection to their personal spirituality and true Self. For me, the only criterion is that you are really ready for transformative change, from the inside out.

I am passionate about helping you:
-- to overcome life-long limiting beliefs and find your true self-worth 
-- to discover and learn ways to honour your core values in all you do
-- to unleash and learn to express your authentic voice through your lifestyle, work and relationships 
-- to master skills for a deeper awareness and connection between your mind, body and emotions for improved health, happiness and wellbeing 
-- to become a conscious creator of your own life, instead of simply reacting to what comes along 
-- to connect to your “Higher Self” and allow your true personality to blossom with ease and grace 
-- to learn how easy it is to take “the path of least resistance to the Self” so you are full of energy, motivation and excitement about your life 
-- on a practical side, if you are a new or aspiring entrepreneur or author I can help you create your own unique lifestyles, such as a portfolio or entrepreneurial approach to career--hence the name "Create-a-Life"! 

AND I can also mentor you through the creative stages of defining your business or project, developing your product, creating your identity, creating networks, reaching your audience, and postitioning yourself as an expert via social networking and other online strategies. My Best of Bedford Business Award, bestselling book, radio appearances and my Global Wellness Circle are all evidence of my expertise of networking and promotion. If you are at this stage, and this is what you need, I am here to help. 

If you are FINALLY ready to discover your life purpose, stop self-sabotage, express your authentic self and create the life you were meant to live with an award-winning coach, teacher, and bestselling spirituality author, call 0845 880 2528 and ask for a free coaching consultation.

I offer regular telecourses and workshops throughout the year, featuring my unique "Transformation Trilogy", as well as home-study courses, books, audio books and eBooks. To receive the most current listings of these offerings, be sure you visit the Create-a-Life website and subscribe to my newsletter "Creative Living". There is also always a free offer on that page of some inspirational writings or audio, so check it out to see what's available this month. 

Subscribe to my book blogsite at and receive inspirational articles, special offers, calendar listings for my radio show and live events and of course news about my book for my Amazon spirituality bestseller "The Garden of the Soul: lessons from four flowers that unearth the Self", and all upcoming releases. 

If you are looking for a "live" holistic community (not just an online one), come join us at the Global Wellness Circle. We are a group of independent businesses and community members located in various parts of the UK, who are dedicated to promoting a natural and holistic approach to health and well-being at all levels of mind, body and spirit. We have several local Circles, with more Circles forming all the time. Our aim is to provide the public with information, support and access to a range of quality services and products in holistic health, and to be the HEART of the HOLISTIC COMMUNITY in the UK and throughout the planet. To find out what's happening in your region, sign up for our monthly newsletter "All is Well" at
Telephone: 44 (0)845 880 25 28
Mobile: 44 (0)771 84 94 234
Sessions held either at my private residence in Bedford, Bedfordshire OR via telephone. My telephone clients call in from all over the world, as far away as Dubai and South Africa.

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