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Rare Creative Group - Creative and Strategic Marketing, PR, Direct Mail and Digital communications

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Rare Creative Group

What 'marketing from spirit' means to us

At Rare spirit is in abundance, without spirit there is no creativity, self expression and room for the team and individuals to  grow and show off their skills. Our clients engage with us for our skill to achieve business and personal goals, our expertise is in design and marketing and our success is in the relationships we create with our clients people. Spirit is the freedom to grow and learn, to expand and to develop in what ever way each person wishes to, there is not a right way or a wrong way. There is the way of the spirit.

How that is reflected in the way we run our business

We run our business with a focus on results, we are a results-driven strategic and creative marketing agency. We have learnt that to have an understanding of the disciplines by which we operate within, gives a massive expanse of freedom. To be free is to be creative. I quote a piece a friend gave to me, I use this piece in my client presentations - it is gold. "Creativity requires the willingness to suspend easy answers and quick solutions  to step beyond the familiar and the known into uncharted territory where there are no guideposts and the outcome is uncertain."

Creativity is ultimately about risk, about courage  the courage to come from nothing into all of it  the courage to step beyond what is for what could be. When you literally must stand on your own, bringing yourself forth from nothing  this is the hallmark of creativity.
In our relationship you will tap into that creativity that generates a real freedom to act  to stand alone and generate new possibilities.

Where each individual declares - I'm definitely creative!!

This is how we run our business.

The 3 values that are most important to our business

  1. Being open
  2. Freedom to create
  3. Awareness of your fears
Rare Creative Group

Who we are and what we do

We are Rare: a different kind of marketing agency.
We put results first because we believe that every business deserves the greatest possible return on investment from their marketing budget. We know that specialist knowledge of your market will improve the performance of your marketing communications mix. We have learned that balancing our strategic and creative talents generates extraordinary results. Clients have been happy to put their brands in our hands for more than ten years because our brand energy transforms business performance; our case studies enclosed within our tender response highlight our outstanding historical results for our clients.
Were a strategic, creative marketing agency that achieves genuinely great results for our clients in the public and private sector. We pride ourselves on understanding your market as well as you do. 

We are a team of communications professionals with years of accumulated expertise and experience in the creative and strategic marketing fields. Think of us as creative strategists, or strategically-minded creatives. Our knowledge has been gathered from both sides of the fence: in agency and client-side roles. Our measure of success is your success, so we like to act as a seamless extension of your team.

The intelligent marketing campaigns we create are borne of business objectives, be they wider awareness, better intelligence, improved retention, increased sales or amplified profitability. Our clients achieve clear, measurable results from every single intervention we devise. With unparalleled attention to detail we track and trace the impact of each activity on business performance.

We have a distinctive set of values that we hold dear. We live these attributes daily because they are the stepping stones that help us to achieve our vision and perform effectively for our clients. We value strategy to guide us on our quest for results. We value creativity to bring our strategies to life. We value specialist expertise to effectively target the heart of your market. We value performance because clients expect and trust us to deliver results. We value passion to fuel our extraordinary achievements.

In 2007 we were delighted to be nominated as one of the best agencies in the UK by the Recommended Agency Register (RAR). This is an award that matters to us because its voted for by clients. Without happy clients we dont have a business. When it comes to our business, we like to let our clients, our work, our results and our specialist industry knowledge speak for us.

Rare: A results-driven, strategic AND creative marketing agency that understands your market as well as you do? This is Rare.
Telephone: 0114 282 3429
Mobile: 07793437581
Fax: 0114 282 3332
Aizlewood's Mill
Nursery Street
S3 8GG
United Kingdom
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