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What 'marketing from spirit' means to us

I believe the most important thing we have to do at any time is look for ways to feel better. Not quantum leaps better, even just a bit better will do. Even when we're happy we can always feel better. And no matter how dire we might be perceiving our conditions we can feel a bit better.

How that is reflected in the way we run our business

Everyday I send out a heart felt unexpected Greeting Card.
That helps me feel better. 
And then a few days later someone goes to their mailbox and they feel a bit better.
The other thing I do everyday to grow my business is demo my product by helping someone else send out a heart-felt unexpected Greeting Card to someone they care about.
That's a two-fer - the person doing the demo feels better and again a few days later someone else feels better.
Oh and by the way I am completely detached about whether the person doing the demo becomes my customer or not, cause you can imagine doing the above two things every day causes energy to ramp up and the perfect people choose to become my customers or business partners.
It's all about Giving to Give
Giving to Get.
It's a great way to live and it's a very fun way to do business.

The 3 values that are most important to our business

  1. Giving to Give
  2. Expressing Appreciation
  3. Feeling Good

Who we are and what we do

The company was founded in order to help people follow their promptings.
You know, you're going through your busy day and someone does something nice for you, of course you say Thank You, and you go on to the next thing thinking "I'd like to really let them know how much I appreciated that." 
Or again in the middle of your busy day you think of a friend or relative or associate who you really enjoy, and the day is far too busy to allow the hour long call that would be inevitable if you picked up the phone.
Well what if it took about a minute and cost about $1 (US plus postage) to send a real Greeting Card thru the mail?
You sit at your computer and pick the card, type your message and hit Send.
And you are done.
My company prints the card, prints the envelope,
stuffs it, stamps it and takes it to the PostOffice!
It's as easy as sending an e-card
but the person you wanted to send the message to gets a 
real, gorgeous Greeting Card
delivered by the Postal Service.
You can even send the card in your own handwriting.
And send Gifts and Gift Cards.
You can test-drive the system by setting up a time with me to walk you through,
it will take us about 15 minutes of being online and on the phone together.
You'll send someone you care about a heart-felt unexpected
Greeting Card.
Imagine how they will feel when they go to their mailbox and amongst
the bills and junkmail is your expression of how you feel about them.
Telephone: 678.705.2564

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