What is Spiritus - The Spiritual Marketing Directory?

My name is Shelagh Jones, and I want to tell you a little about how Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory, came to be created.

Business Promotion

First, being involved in internet marketing myself, I was a member of several social networking sites, where the prime intention was to relationship with other people.

But behind this intention was another intention, the intention to attract people to my business. And sometimes this secondary intention got in the way of the first intention, and I began to think to myself - What if there was a business directory where people could openly and cleanly promote their business to like-minded people?

Law of Attraction like is attracted to like

A second place was from my work with small businesses, helping them to build their list of customers.

A common cry was - I wish I could find more customers who are just like me. People who have the same values, who think like me about how to live a life, how to run a business, how to have business interactions work out to the best advantage of all involved.

And often I would introduce suppliers to customers and see a business relationship flourish because of the shared values of the people involved.

Market from Spirit

A third place was meeting people who were operating in industries which have a poor reputation for customer service - but who were choosing to do things differently, to do what felt right and good to them, not what everyone else was doing.

I thought - what if there was a place where people looking for a company in that industry could find out about the values of businesses, about what motivated them, before starting a business relationship with them?

Out of these three ideas, Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory was born.

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